Non Executive Board

Orel Kalomeni +

Founder & President

With more than 30 years of banking experience behind him, Orel Kalomeni, founded ARCORA GESTION in 2003. He counsels ARCORA GESTION and is the chairman of their investment committe.

Sabina Migliore +

Managing Director

Sabina Migliore, who gained her experience in wealth management at Republic National Bank and HSBC, advises ARCORA GESTION’s private clients and manages their portfolios.

Félix Israel +


Prior to joining ARCORA GESTION, Felix Israel held the position of Deputy General Manager at UOB/United European Bank and was also on the Executive Board of the Private Bank BNP Paribas Switzerland. As a member of the ARCORA team, Félix Israel continues to serve his clientele in the fields of financial advice and wealth management.

Emmanuelle Barbat +

Assistant to Executive Asset Manager

After 20 years in tourism and event planning and a stint in the administration of an international moving company, Emmanuelle Barbat joined ARCORA GESTION as office administrator and works in close collaboration with Félix Israel.

Serim Ulkümen +

Deputy Relationship Manager

Serim joined Arcora Gestion in 2012 and simultaneously with his duties pertaining, among others, to order executions and following financial markets, he continued his studies and obtained a Diploma from IFAGE, Geneva, as Asset Management Assistant.

Marion Owczarczak-Fogli +

Client Digital Solutions & Arcora Lifestyle

Marion Owczarczak-Fogli is in charge of Arcora's client digital solutions & strategic projects. She created and implementated ARCORA Lifestyle, an in-house concierge service for clients. She attended the Lausanne Hotel School where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She is also a graduate from the Executive MBA from IMD. She joined ARCORA GESTION in 2010.