The CEO’s motto

Above all: love what you are doing!

When I decided to create Arcora Gestion S.A. over sixteen years ago, I was driven by the love for my profession, the variety and diversity of choices in the world of finance, always being particularly attached to the quality of the relationship I could develop and maintain with our clients.

Today, it is with the same attitude and seconded by a solid team, coming from a variety of backgrounds, with complementary skills, that we are able to offer our clients many services within the scope of our asset management and advisory facilities and offer our expertise to each of our clients.

Our profession has become especially pointed, technical and demanding. It is in a spirit that I venture to describe as "challenge-oriented" that our crew intends to offer the best to our clients: to reach the ultimate objectives of performance and success that drive all of us, the paths have to incorporate various strategies, different techniques, a short or long term vision, requiring thought and precise knowledge of the situation… as in private asset management and advisory.

Being proactive and dynamic does not make us forget to be prudent and pay attention to the world around us…
“chi va piano va sano e va lontano”…

Orel Kalomeni